From time to time we love to feature creative and eye catching work from photographers and creative teams from around the world. We’d like to introduce you to the colorful and compelling photography of a team called Cube Projects, from Bogota, Colombia, led by Jenny Puentes, Director at Cube. Take in the photos then watch the time lapse video which documents the teams efforts across a busy day of creativity. So cool!

Jenny very happy we can feature some pretty beautiful work by you and your team. Tell us a little about you and your creative team in Bogota Colombia. We’ve been very impressed with the work you guys have been putting out. Tell me about the inspiration for this shoot. Painting in water on a beautiful model. What was your goal here? Have you worked with water before like this?
Well my inspiration was to see the colors of the sea, when it radiates sunlight, and using those colors on our model as she becomes part of the water. Our goal was always the interplay of textures and color with the lighting. It was our first experiment in water and an attempt to evoke the feel of the sea. All this inspiration led me initiate this work with my team and to create something unique for Muze.

How long have you been working on creative projects like this Jenny? And how did your team come together?
As Producer and Director of Cube Projects around three years now. During this time, I was lucky enough to work with other creative individuals with different backgrounds and skills. Initially I started working with photographer Mauricio Botero, my best friend, who, lucky for me, supports me in my creative madness and has shown wholehearted support to all of our projects. As for the rest of the team as Natalia Prada (Make Up), Sebastian Hernandez (photography Assistant) among others are our great support and are our artists working to translate our ideas and concepts into reality.

In what direction would you like to go with your work? Any desires to move more into video?
Our projects began really as experiements and with every effort we learn more about the creative process, about fashion, about creative artful and compelling work. This is why I love photography and I dedicate my life to a it – it is such a fascinating art form. As for video, I am working on some Fashion Films and waiting for the right moment to release them.

If you had to wish where this creative journey would take you, where do you see yourself in 20 years?
Oh, that question is hard, because the truth is I want to travel the world with my team, exploring concepts and schemes to make them reality in terms of photography. For my part all you see, everything you do and to every place you go is for me a new idea and a new proposal for my team. I hope that I and my entire team come to exhibit, sell and market in big cities of fashion and photography, and become published in the major international publications. For me, happiness is to publicize my work as a producer and that of my team.

Hope we can continue to collaborate with you Jenny! Great work by you and your entire team.

The Cube Projects Team captured their creative efforts through the magic of time lapse photography.

Water Painting – Time Lapse from mboterophoto on Vimeo.

Producer of Photography: Jenny Puentes
Photographer: Mauricio Botero
Makeup: Natalia Prada Ortega
Production Assistant: Maria Alejandra Angel
Photography Assistant: Sebastian Hernandez
Model: Veronica Alvarez

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