Thomas Brightman – Muze Staff Writer
Photographed by Joel Flora

Don’t miss the behind-the-scenes video from this exclusive Muze shoot by Joel Flora below!

Shelby, so psyched we can show off this gorgeous shoot you did with Joel Flora out in California. Looks like you took to the water for a fun shoot. How was it shooting on a boat?
It was fun, it was definitely a change. The only thing I didn’t like about it, was all the wind, and it was freezing! HAHA. At the very end we went out on the boat for a little bit! That was super cold!

You grew up in South Florida so you are used to being around water right? Did you grow up a bit of a beach bum?
Yeah I grew up in Jupiter Florida which is a small community right along the ocean about 45 miles North of Ft. Lauderdale. I did grow up having a lot of fun down on the beach and by the water. It’s for sure in my blood now.

Tell us about your decision to submit photos to Playboy and what you thought when they finally chose you as their July 2012 Playmate?
I started modeling with one photographer and he taught me a lot. Through those shoots I really learned quite a bit and made more connections with other people. One thing led to another and modeling became something I really wanted to pursue, so I decided to submit photos to Playboy, to kind of jump start my career and get more exposure. But I probably would not have submitted to anyone other than Playboy because they are such a classy magazine. I’m so happy with how it all turned out.

Did you go to a casting or send them in through their web site?
I sent in photos through their web site and then one day I got a call from them. They flew me me out to LA and I stayed at the mansion for the weekend and did a test shoot with Steve Wayda while I was there. He’s the same photographer that shot my centerfold. And then a couple months later I found out they selected me.

So now everyone’s on pins and needles waiting for the decision on Playmate of the year?
Yeah definitely very nervous about that!

What would you do if you got Playmate of the year?
I would probably cry! Hahaha. And then I would probably be in shock, but definitely would be exciting!

So what does that entail? Besides another shoot and the notoriety?

Well you are even more in the limelight than you were as just a Playmate. The opportunities for things like TV shows and other events and projects are just way greater. And of course, the prize money of $100,000 and a car!

I would imagine your email, phone and travel miles have all been revved up big time since being published. What’s this all been like for you?
I definitely kind of expected the change but to experience it all is different. All the new experiences have been awesom, and to realize you now have all these fans and go to all these events you didn’t before has been an adjustment but really lots of fun!

Do you feel a bit like a celebrity now?
Actually no I dont! Hahaha. People ask me about that and some of my family look at me like that but no, I don’t feel like one at all!

I’m kind of curious, if you had to pick the best thing and the most annoying thing about being a playmate what would they be?

The best thing is definitely being part of Playboy, I just feel like it’s a huge honor to be picked. You are only one of 12 for the year. The most annoying thing is probably all the creepers. Hahahah.

Where would you like your career to go from here? If you had to pick a path. Or are Well, I really hope to grow more into modeling and continue to pursue that and maybe even acting. For sure open to see where it takes me,

Did you ever hear of the something like a “dream board.” Oprah talks about it. You envision something you want to have happen and put it up on a bulletin board or whatever.
Hahah, yeah. I did that for getting chosen for Playmate! After I tested with Playboy and during the two months I was waiting to hear back from them I put a centerfold up on my bulletin board,so I looked at it every day, and would dream about it. Hahah. It worked!

Well I’m sure it helped that you are stunningly beautiful Shelby! Good luck from everyone at Muze!
Thanks so much and thank you for the opportunity!

Behind the Scenes Video from this Exclusive Shoot for Muze

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