Muze is proud to introduce Fiona, a London based model who caught our eye in a big way recently. She’s half French, half Thai, raised in Singapore and has been modeling for the last five years overseas. She’s absolutely one of the most beautiful international models we’ve networked with! Guys in London should be happy to know she’s also single!

Even though she hasn’t been in London all that long, Fiona shared with us her top ten sexiest places in London. Not sure about 10, but 5 and 1 sound amazing! ;)

Fiona’s Top 10 Sexiest Places in London!

10. University
9. Cinema
8. Tube station
7. In the train
6. London bridge
5. Lingerie shop
4. Night club
3. Theater
2. Hyde park
1. My bed

Fiona’s Image Gallery


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