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Ashley “Snow” Harris – A Taste of Snow

By James Tribbs – Muze Staff Writer

Ashley, so happy we made a connection with you and that we can highlight this sexy video produced in Chicago. Who was your production team? Lets give them all a shout out!
Thank you so much! Honestly This video wouldn’t have been such a great success if not for my great friend/photographer Charles Andre Thomas (@mrcreatistic) and the wonderful makeup artist Sonya (@sonya_simonemua). These two came together at the very last minute to help bring my concept to life and I am so grateful for these too. They are extremely talented in their own craft.

Did you grow up in Chicago and did you always have a desire to be in front of the camera?
I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago and growing up I was an extreme tom boy. Basketball shorts and gym shoes with a basketball on my hip was my daily attire. I had millions of pictures of myself and loved being in everyone’s pictures, however, I never would’ve thought that I would love to be in front of the camera as a profession.

How did you get started in the modeling business?
Well One day I got really dolled up and went to the mall; heels, cute attire, and hair flowing in the wind lol (in my dreams) and several people asked if I was a model. After that day I pondered the thought of being a model for a week and told a close friend that I wanted to start modeling. She gave me an opportunity to be in her upcoming fashion show and I loved it, networked and landed my first photo shoot November 2011. Since then It has been a none stop passion of mine!

Understand that you have a son. I’m sure that brings its own set of challenges to manage being a parent, working and developing your modeling career.
Oh of course it does! Trying to be a model, mom, good employee, and student has it’s ups and downs, but at that very moment where I feel like giving up I like to think that this will all pay off one day.

Has that experience being a young mother helped you put things in perspective in your pursuit of your career goals?
Yes, being a young mother has made me become more aware and devoted to my goals in life. It has also has made me want to set a positive example for my child and show him that even though you make mistakes that doesn’t have to stop your dreams.

Sounds like a pretty full and busy life down for you, but when you do have time to take advantage of what Chicago has to offer, where would we find you out having fun?
When I’m not busy I’m found helping other models build their brands or you’ll find me at the nearest bowling alley. I LOVE to bowl =)

Any projects or events coming up you’d like to share with our readers?
Well right now I have a few shoots coming up for local designers here in Chicago but other than that, no fashion shows just yet. You guys can always receive updates on what’s happening with me via Facebook @ Ashley “Snow” Harris. Thank You for this wonderful opportunity!

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