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World’s Largest Sandwich to Leave Tongues Unsatisfied?

Jeremie Guy – Muze Staff Writer

For food fanatics, seeing a sandwich that stretches close to 1900 feet would make more than their eyes pop. But would the taste match the colossal size?

Most kitchen connoisseurs understand that the bigger the food the more difficult it is to season. Usually super sizing perfectly-sized foods, like sandwiches, does not accommodate the taste buds appropriately. Many a five-pound-hamburger-eating contestant will testify that a number of things normally taken for granted can go awry in the taste department. The bread can be hard, the meat can be bland, and the toppings can be of poor quality.

The fact that this gigantic sandwich was created by a bundle of students probably does not ease any fears in the least. Those that have been through college know the truth. Students can’t cook! Cooking popcorn in the microwave should not set off the fire alarm and force peers to funnel outside in the middle of the night. Anyone dissecting a dorm building’s evacuation record would see most of the false alarms are the result of under-experienced students testing their spatula skills. It’s common knowledge that cooking should be left to chefs and stay-at-home parents. But, this is not thanksgiving dinner. It’s a sandwich. How hard could it be to stuff meat and toppings into two loaves of bread? Albeit the bread stretches longer than five football fields, but it can’t be that hard to get right, right? Anyone has the right to be a skeptic, but there’s only one way to find out. If you manage to buy a plane ticket to Taiwan, let us know how the sandwich treats your tongue.

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