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This Week’s Featured Drink: The Screwdriver

This Week’s Featured Drink: The Screwdriver

Forrest Miller – Muze Staff Writer

Every once in a while it’s fun to order a drink that costs a small fortune and takes 15 minutes to prepare.  Bartenders love that.  Most of the time, however, drinking should be simple; put the liquid in your mouth, swallow, repeat.  This week the featured drink falls into the simple category, which is great for your wallet and your busy schedule.  The less time spent making a drink, the more time spent drinking the drink.

The Screwdriver


  • 1 1/2 oz. vodka
  • Orange juice
  • Orange slice


Pay attention and try not to “screw” this up: build over ice in a highball glass.  Garnish with the orange slice.

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