By Thomas Brightman – Muze Staff Writer
Photographed by Lou Angeles – www.louieangeles.com

Tawny this editorial is smoking HOT! You and Lou did a great job! When you shoot something super sexy like this how do you get in character?
Honestly, it comes pretty natural. It’s usually the tunes that gets me going. I love listening to music when i’m shooting. Whenever I hear my favorites I just let loose and do my thing, sometimes I sing and dance all cheesey too, LOL!

Do you feel like an actress sometimes when you shoot? Kind of like getting into character when you shoot? Or are you just that sexy naturally?
It’s a yes and no for me. I always felt like modeling is a form of acting, without words of coarse. Yes, because you could shoot for something specific and you have to bring that concept to life. When it comes to sexiness I believe it comes naturally to me, it just comes down to confidence.

How are things going with your modeling career? Any projects you just finished or coming up you can fill us in on?
My modeling career can be quite the adventure sometimes, lots of random traveling and planning for the future. I don’t want to spill the beans, but let’s just say they are flying me out to Vegas soon for something huge. Stick around and you’ll find out ;)

Hey tell us about the best trip you’ve been able to go on for a shoot this last year! Dish please!
Oh that’s a hard choice! I’ve been all over the place this year. Some of my favorite places were California, New York, South Beach and also the Bahamas. If I had to pick one it would have to be the Bahamas. It was glamourous, waking up early for breakfast and drinks at the beach or poolside, shot designer bikinis for the calendar and party by night. I had such a blast and met some amazing people who I still communicate with till this day. I will never forget the Bahamas experience.

What’s coming up for Tawny in the coming months? Any news or teasers you’d like to leave us with?
Like I said, “Stick around and you’ll find out!” All I can say is big modeling jobs will be coming up. As for the normal hometown life of mine, I have big plans that i’m very excited to start. I feel like i’m a very lucky young woman who was blessed with amazing people in my life.

Photographer Lou Angeles on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LA.freelancetog


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