By Kaylan Haddican – Muze Staff Writer

Max Zorn is a street artist from Amsterdam. Unlike artists that use oil and canvas, Zorn uses brown packing tape for his work. Layers and layers of tape are used to create outstanding portraits of romantic, as well as strong, characters, ranging from The Beatles to male boxers.

Zorn started pinning his art to street lamps around Amsterdam on May 19, 2011, where they were lit up by the light. This time-lapse video shows Max creating a portrait from the first piece of tape down to the very last.

He is also involved in project Stick Together, which is his mission to spread street art around the globe. On his page, you fill out a form from the Stick Together page and you are sent a sticker from Zorn himself of one of his pieces of work. The objective is to stick it on something on the street, spreading street art, one avenue at a time. Go to for more details.

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