Erin Michelle Wright is a 22 year old model from Chicago who is chameleon-like in her ability to take on various personas, looks and moods in her shoots and for all we know in her everyday life. Besides being a pretty cool person, we know for sure she’s going places in the world of modeling so we snagged her for a few and talked about how she started modeling and what she wants to accomplish.

Erin, you have an incredible look and I have to think it’s going to be your trademark. Kind of a combination of pretty, cute, quirky, fun, spunky girl next door gone wild. We love it! How and when did you get started modeling?
I got started when I was 17, when my friend Kiara got me to meet a photographer friend of hers. We shot together, I had tons of fun, he said I was a natural. I was hooked. I loved the whole process, the outifits, the accessories, the makeup, and the concepts behind the shoots. Oh, and of course, the really awesome pictures that come as a result of everyone’s hard work.

You also have an incredible multi-ethnic look that’s so amazing and cool. I bet people tell you that all the time. Do people always wonder about your nationality?
Haha, thank you! But yeah, people don’t just wonder, they love to take guesses. Most commonly I get Iranian, Egyptian, Puerto Rican, or just Black & White (sometimes they throw in some sort of Latino mix for good measure). I’m actually Belizean, Mexican, African, and Indian on my mom’s side, and African-American, German, Irish, Native American, and Portuguese on my dad’s side.

So cool! So where do you want to take modeling and where are you headed?
I want to do this as long as I can. It’s fun, I get to meet tons of interesting people, and what girl doesn’t love playing dress-up? I want to use my connections to get into acting. I’m looking to head to LA as soon as I can and make a name for myself out there.

When you are not modeling and working hard where could we find you chilling and having a good time in that windy city of yours?
When it’s warm, you can find me biking or exploring the Mag Mile on Michigan Avenue downtown. I love going out to restaurants with my girlfriends and sisters, especially burger bars. I live pretty close to Wrigleyville, so you can almost always find me out there, either in the day watching the Cubs game with good company and eating good food, or hitting up the night scene with my girls there, in Boystown on Halsted, or in Wicker Park/Bucktown. Sometimes you can find me downtown as well, but Wrigleyville is much closer to my heart!

Is it really windy by the way?
Yes, it really is! Hold onto your hats if you visit, because a good gust of wind, and that thing is gone!

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Facebook: http://www.facebook/com/InkaMichelle

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