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Anne McDaniels – From NFL Cheerleader to New York to LA as an Actress and Model – Talented and Gorgeous is Just the Start

By Thomas Brightman – Muze Staff Writer

Former Minnesota Vikings cheerleader, actress, model, singer, and classically trained pianist Anne McDaniels, has appeared in TV shows such as Monk, One Life to Live, and G4′s Attack of the Show. She made the trek from the Midwest to LA via NYC, a few years ago and her talents have not gone unnoticed. Commensurate with our responsibility to bring you the most talented and beautiful women around, we asked her for an interview. She kindly agreed, and we cheered. She’s every bit as smart, talented and interesting as her resume reveals.

Anne, based on your experience and impressive list of talents, I’m guessing it’s fair to say you are a born entertainer. When do you feel like you got your start in this whole entertainment biz?
I had an extremely late start in the entertainment business, since academics and music (voice, piano, French horn) were stressed in my Eastern European family. Although I wish I’d started young, I wouldn’t trade my experience and education. After graduating from college and working for a Fortune 100 Company, I quickly realized that I couldn’t sit at a desk and crunch numbers all day. Honestly, I knew deep down what I wanted to do all my life, but kind of had to “do the right thing” for awhile first. In addition, I was taught to be humble, and the entertainment business isn’t exactly conducive to that when you’re in the spotlight. However, once I really started, I never looked back.

What was the NFL cheerleader gig like and did those big sweaty dudes bother you cheerleaders?
This is a question we’re asked all the time, and many are surprised to know that there is a strict, non-fraternization policy in play for all sports teams and their dance teams. Never were we allowed to talk to them or have any sort of socialization with them. It’s treated like a corporate environment, and since it’s so high-profile, rumors can spread like wildfire. It’s always so much more fun and tempting to break rules, but if I had wanted to keep my spot on the team, I wasn’t allowed. Let’s just say I was scolded hard once by my head coach, with that first warning being “the third and final warning.” ;)

From NFL cheerleader you took off for New York and modeled for 4 years. A bit of a culture shift there from the Midwest I’m thinking.
(Spoken in a thick, Midwestern accent)…”Oh by golly, it sure was!” Hahahaha!!! Although I had lived in Europe twice, moving from the Midwest to NYC was like going to outer space. It’s interesting that many New Yorkers mistake kindness for weakness and thought they could walk all over and take advantage, so I developed a thick skin immediately. Some of my favorite questions asked were, “Do you have running water where you grew up?” “Are there Jewish people where you’re from?” “Wow, you know how to drive?!” I absolutely love that city and it’s people, except for the $3500/month rent! I try to go back as much as humanly possible, and still have lots of jobs there, but am trying my best to reach my goal of being bi-coastal.

Did you feel Hollywood calling eventually or was their a specific project that brought you out to the west coast?
Upon getting into acting in NYC, I would constantly hear, “If you’re serious about acting, you need to be in LA.” The thought of leaving my precious NYC was a tough thought, but being career-driven, I knew it was a necessity. I had received tons of offers for auditions on the West Coast, and even a few job offers, but never took them seriously, since New York was where I thought I belonged. Then one day, one of my NYC agents set me up with a big modeling job in LA, and that was the day I took the plunge. I flew out for the shoot, and then had an audition for a indie feature film, in which I booked the lead. Alas, all of my belongings were packed and shipped to Hollywood, and I hit the ground running. The hardest transition for me was having to drive again (and sit in hours of traffic), and losing the tough edge I had developed. During one interview with an LA casting director, I was told, “Wow! Tone it down a bit, sweetheart, because someone’s going to mistake you for a producer, rather than an actress.” The common saying, “Leave NYC before you become too hard, and leave LA before you become too soft” is absolutely true, and that is precisely why I go back and forth!

OK so I have to ask. We are coincidentally both from Wisconsin. But, you are some kind of traitor. Cheerleader and fan of the Vikings, mortal enemies of Packerland. What on earth were you thinking?
Great question, and in fact when my small town’s newspaper printed up the article and my picture when I had made it onto the Vikings Cheerleaders, the word, “traitor” was hissed all over the place. However, the area of Wisconsin where I grew up is probably 70% Packer fan / 30% Viking fan, since we are close to the Minneapolis area. Although I have purple blood, my heart is still made of cheese! Am I allowed to do that? Also, the Packers don’t really have a true NFL Cheerleading Squad, since they use a local college team. So THERE! ;)

Likely story! So, hey do you have any projects you wrapped up recently or coming up you’d like to share with Muze readers?
Thanks for asking and for your support! I just starred in Roger Corman’s “Attack for the 50 Foot Cheerleader,” and play Tiffany, a sorority girl and college cheerleader. In addition, the movie “Unbelievable” will start filming soon, and I play John O’Hurley’s wife and attempt to seduce John Schneider (the original Bo Duke). There is also a pilot TV show called, “Divergence,” in which I play a dangerous femme fatale (these are my favorite types of roles). I continue to appear on both “Conan” and the “G4 Network” in comedy sketches, and will be shooting an upcoming horror film in Colorado. Finally, I will play a college spring-breaker who is brutally killed in an upcoming Sci-Fi TV movie called, “Blowing Vegas off the Map.” In addition, you can see me on the cover and inside spread of the current Hot Rod Deluxe Magazine’s Mooneyes Issue, on the cover of National Gym Supply Magazine, on several covers of beauty trade magazines, and in an inside editorial spread for “Dark Beauty” Magazine. You can also see me in campaigns for FoldFlops, Karen Capili couture, and American Steel Jeans. On TV you can see me on commercials for Wen Haircare, Sensa Weightloss, Miller Lite, and much more to come. I thank you again so much for your support. :)


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