We know you have enough trouble keeping up with your favorite T.V. shows as it is. But fall 2012 is bringing a lot of new shows from comedy to thriller that you can’t miss. Here are three new shows that you’ll want to make room for on your DVR.

1. 666 Park Avenue – If you like Lost, and American Horror Story you might enjoy, 666 Park Avenue on Sunday, September 30th, 10 pm/9c. ABC. Yes, we know we’re still recovering from trying to wrap our brains around Lost. But 666 Park Avenue is one mystery show worth hopping on board for. A couple moves into an upscale Manhattan apartment complex excited to live in their dream home. But when their tenants start to act suspiciously demonic, it becomes clear the building is haunted. Starring Rachael Taylor (Charlie’s Angels), Terry O’Quinn (Lost) and Vanessa Williams (Ugly Betty) the show is influenced by the masters of thrillers, Stephen King and Alfred Hitchcock


2. Go On – If You like: Community and Friends you might enjoy “Go On”, premiering Tuesday, September 11th, 9 pm/8c. NBC. Matthew Perry returns to the weekly television sitcom world as the star of the comedy-drama Go On. Perry plays a depressed sportscaster who joins group therapy to deal with the recent death of his wife. In group therapy he befriends an eccentric group of fellow patients causing hilarity to ensue. The show also stars Tyler James Williams (Everybody Hates Chris). Comedy and drama mix in a good balance for an entertaining show.


3. Elementary – If you like Rookie Blue and Blue Bloods, you might enjoy Elementary premiering September 27th, 10 pm/9central on CBS. Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be another crime drama. Elementary is a different spin on the crime drama than has been around before. A modernized version of  the classic Sherlock Holmes story, the show places the characters in New York City. Sherlock Holmes (played by British Actor Jonny Lee Miller)is a detective recovering from substance abuse who also is too smart for his own good. Lucy Liu (Charlie’s Angels) plays Dr. Joan Watson, Holmes’s partner, who is now his sober companion and reluctant crime solving partner. A classic story with a modern twist makes Elementary not your average crime drama.


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