Zamayra Centeno – A South Florida Girl with Someplace to Go

Zamayra is a Maxim Hometown Hotties final 100 semi-finalist! She needs your support! Vote for her here:

Great to feature you Zamayra. So where did you grow up and where are you located now?
I was born in the beautiful & tropical island of Puerto Rico! At the age of 5, I moved to sunny South Florida. I am currently living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

How does life the lifestyle in southern Florida suit you? Are you a beach kind of girl?
South Florida is a wonderful place to live! The weather is great, there’s beautiful and diverse people, and the beach is just minutes away! South Florida is definitely a party city, there is always something to do! As far as modeling and acting there are tons of opportunities here to take advantage of! Am I a beach kind of girl? Of course! As a South Florida girl you can never have too many bikinis! :) The beach is like a second home to me! It is my favorite place to relax, tan, and hangout with friends!

I hear you are a Maxim Hometown Hotties Semi-finalist. Tell us more and let’s get any relevant links in here for Muze readers to help you out! I will be voting for you right away! :)
Oh yes, I was selected from 1,000 contestants, in week 5 of 2013 Maxim’s Hometown Hotties competition to move forward in the running to become a semi-finalist! The semi-finalist round consists of home videos of the top 100 models in the competition. I am so thankful I have made it this far being that it’s my first time in this competition! I couldn’t have done it without the support of my friends and family that’s for sure! Please vote for me here:

Also looks like you have done some promotional modeling work for Redline Xtreme! Looks like a blast! What have you been doing for them?
Yes I am proud to say, this is my second year as a VPX Redline Xtreme Girl, and it has been such a fabulous experience! We are a group of promotional models that work really cool events all over South Florida representing VPX Redline’s full line of sports supplements and beverages! Redline is the official energy drink of the Bank Atlantic Center and the NHL Florida Panthers hockey team! We have had the opportunity to work all genres of concerts, sporting events, and of course Florida Panthers hockey games at the Bank Atlantic Center! Being a Redline Xtreme girl is the perfect job for me because I love meeting new people and introducing them to our amazing products! We will be traveling to the Bahamas this month to shoot our annual Redline Xtreme Girls swimsuit calendar sponsored by Billabong swimwear. It is sure to be the best one yet! Please go to to purchase your copy!

Do you drink Redline Xtreme?
What kind of Redline Xtreme Girl would I be if I didn’t drink Redline Xtreme?! If I’m ever in need of an energy boost it’s my go to drink! Redline is delicious and refreshing and gets the job done, with no sugar, calories or crash! I actually love all of our products! From our delicious Protein Rush protein shakes to our irresistible German Chocolate Protein & Creatine Bar, our products are the best on the market! VPX Redline makes all of their products in-house, and they use the highest grade ingredients. This is important to me because I lead a very healthy and fit lifestyle, and I am super conscious about everything I put in my body! VPX Redline has the most university researched products in the entire industry combined!! This is very important to me because I am so particular about the safety and effectiveness of my supplements. If you are as serious as I am about sports supplementation and nutrition, go to and you will not regret it!

So with all you are doing how to unwind in Southern Florida? Are you a bit of a party girl? Clubs? Fill us in please.
When I am not modeling or working as a Redline Xtreme girl, my favorite place to unwind is the gym! Working out allows me to clear my mind and relax after a hard days work – it’s definitely cheaper than a therapist! I enjoy spending time with my friends and family the most! However, when I do go out to the clubs there is never a dull moment! I love to dance and make my friends laugh, I always make sure I am living my life to the fullest!

Let’s keep in touch Zamayra and I hope we can update Muze readers with what you are up to down the line!
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Zamayra Centeno at a Glance
Zamayra is a model, actress and TV personality living in Ft, Lauderdale. She’s busy shooting, developing her career and working for Redline Energy Drink as a brand ambassador and spokes model.
Facebook: Zamayra’s Facebook Page
Twitter: @ZamayraCenteno
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For Bookings: ZamayraCenteno@Gmail.Com
Currently promoting: Her amazing modeling, acting and promotions career. Visit for more information about the amazing Redline Energy Drink product line and where you might be able to meet Zamayra.
She’s also a Maxim Hometown Hotties semi-finalist and NEEDS YOUR VOTE!

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