Sito, really glad we could feature some of your beautiful work here in Muze. Why don’t we start with a bit about where you live and how long you have been shooting and how you got started?
I currently live in Toronto Canada. One of the biggest influences that led me to pursue photography was my Dad. Growing up around our house, I was pretty much surrounded with camera gear all my life . He had a full black and white darkroom setup and of course his 35mm Nikon Cameras ( to which is why I shoot with Nikon ) . I began my journey as a photographer since the days of high school . After graduation , I went to study at the Humber College Creative Photography Program in 1998 where I studied all the fundamentals of Professional Photography : Lighting, Colour Theory, Film processing, Darkroom Techniques, Studio training and Digital Imaging with Adobe Photoshop ( I started with Photoshop 3.0 ! ). After graduating I worked as a teachers assistant at the college for the Advanced Digital Imaging program . I also worked as studio assistant with various photographers in Toronto and worked as a digital imaging photoshop artist at a colour lab during that time . Around 2003-2005, I took a break from photography after I saw the dawn of digital photography approaching … and the end of traditional film processing and slowly watched the transition kick in as we entered the digital age. My first DSLR was a Nikon D100 ( to which I have to this day ). I still remember purchasing that camera from a local camera shop. My girlfriend at the time was real happy to see me get back into photography and that also helped me transition back into shooting. As I was slowly getting back into the swing of things, an old friend of mine from high school ,who was a make-up artist, needed some head shots done for her website. She was pretty much the reason why I fully got my spark back as it felt good working on a creative project after all those years on hiatus. After getting the motivation and inspiration back once again, I was on my way to setup my website and I looked for some outlets on the internet. To which I accidentally stumbled upon ModelMayhem and DeviantArt by searching for photography forums online!

How did you got started shooting the gorgeous glamour stuff you are doing

Looking back at the work I did in college is nothing compared to what I have lined up from the last 6 years ; One of the biggest mistakes some photographers do is to collectively shoot as many models as they can and post everything they can and forget about quality vs. quantity. My approach was to be selective with who I worked with for the first few shoots and post the ones I felt represented my work and that sort of set the bar for everything else I started doing. In my personal opinion, the key in standing out from the rest of the bunch is to showcase nothing but the absolute best work with the best (select ) people when it comes to your art. By this I am VERY selective with what I showcase as far as model, content, concept, LIGHTING and so on . Remember, Your work should represent YOU. After that … everything just falls into place !

How do you find your models to work on your projects?
Most gigs go through agency represented models, especially if the client has a specific look they need. Meanwhile, personal projects develop from a collectively even amount of ‘paid’ or ‘trade’ shoots found on ModelMayhem and/or DeviantArt. One funny tidbit I remember from my college years : The internet wasn’t around. The only way to reach for models was to post casting calls on paper and plastered them allover the campus [ Laughs ] to which, I would get so many random inquiries and pager messages about modelling. Man let me tell you , the ratio of success of finding the right model for the concept was to say about 1 in 20 … in was a painstakingly long and time consuming process.

Fast forward to todays standards — oh man. So much easier. Networking in full effect ~!

There’s so many options and flexibility for selection . and you can narrow down and simplify your searches by discovering their profiles online! Reputable networking sites such as DeviantArt, model mayhem, and even Facebook give you such opportunities to work with such talent ! Also, I often do my homework when it comes to background checks with models ; Especially the ones you deal with online that appear to be ‘new’ to the industry.

Any publications, sites, events you’d like to share with out readers?
Late last month I had this wonderful opportunity to shoot for Maxim en Espanol featuring Susan Coffey ! You can find more info from as well as the official Maxim Facebook page . For the fans of Susan Coffey , there is a photo book coming entitled “Phenomena” featuring a collection of all of the images Susan Coffey and I have produced over the years, which includes a series of new and unreleased photography by the two of us ! Watch for updates on my website shortly !

So do you prefer shooting indoors, in a studio or have you tried much outdoor work yet?
I’d say its a bit of both. I like to shoot outdoors because of the space available and cost efficient … but at the same time I also prefer shooting indoors because of the control you have with the lighting. Ultimately it really depends on what needs to be done. If I had a concept that involves green screen, or some ‘set’ construction … definitely indoors . But if were going for natural lighting and less CG, fx work … the outdoor . On that note: You tend to find me doing more outdoor stuff around the spring-summer … The fall/winter seasons tend to lead me into more indoor themed shoots .

How do you find your fans and followers? Have you developed a following online?
Social Networking is here and with sites like DeviantArt, ModelMayhem , and of course Facebook … its the most cost efficient way of reaching out to your fans – you just can’t go wrong man! [ LAUGHS ] I’d like to think that I would have some sort of following happening by now … unless I’m doing something thats just plain out weird, who knows …. perhaps you can find out through my links below !


INSTAGRAM: @sideshowsito

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