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Tricia Tirone at a Glance
Tricia is a model and journalist living in Miami. She’s busy shooting, developing her career and working for Zhantra Entertainment as a promotional and spokes model.
Web sitehttp://TriciaTirone.com
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Tricia so happy we could bring you in touch with our readers. So I see you are from South Florida, Where is your home base and how to you like the lifestyle down there?
I was born and raised in Southwest Ranches. It’s very country and homey, but I love the city and South Beach in Miami and would love to move there one day.

Tell us a bit about your TV journalism background and what you’ve been up to.
I have a bachelors degree in journalism and a minors in communication. I’ve had a few small articles published in both the Miami Herald and the Sun Sentinel as well as a few other online sites TheMiamiDesk.com. I also film and edit my own videos as well as host in them. I hope to one day be a TV personality and maybe hosting in something fun like sports or entertainment. You can view them all on my website at triciatirone.com.

How long have you been modeling? You enjoying it? How far would you like to take it?
I started back in high school around 15 but it was tough with school and being a new student there so I stopped for a bit. I started back up about a year or two ago. Modeling is fun. The pictures are awesome and it’s glamourous. But I wouldn’t ever expect it to be my “career,” rather, a stepping stone for what I really want to do, which is tv hosting, broadcasting.

Have you been doing any promotional modeling? How has that been going?
Yes, I’ve done a lot. Mostly promo modeling for companies like trade shows, private parties, special events, etc. They’re very fun and also great opportunities to network.

Want to mention any events or companies you have worked for? Any events coming up?
I work for an awesome company called Zhantra Entertainment, and through them I’ve had a lot of opportunities to work for exclusive people and events. I’ve worked as an extra on set for Michael Bay’s Pain and Gain, Univision’s award ceremony Premios Juventud, tonight at Pitbull’s private party… Too many to say but those are the very most recent.

Tell is how you unwind in South Florida from a busy week? Beaches, parties, clubs, hanging with friends? Where would we see Tricia?
You can always find me at the gym. I’ve been training hard recently to get in great shape as I now am a Redline girl and plan on competing in NPC Bikini competitions. Also, LIV is my utmost favorite club to be!

Thanks Tricia let’s keep in touch! Would be great to bring you back to Muze for a second feature!

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