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Fernando De La Rocque – The Controversial Artist Uses Marijuana Smoke to “Paint”

Gabe Kahan – Muze Staff Writer

Fernando de La Rocque is an artist from Brazil who uses smoke from Marijuana to paint! His most recent series, cleverly titled “Blow Job,” has portrayals of religious and political icons. All of his inventive projects stretch the definition of art, but this one seems to call attention to itself via the use of, well, weed!

The process is done by Rocque blowing the pot smoke onto paper with a cut stencil on top. One print can take up to a week to be done, using 5 joints worth of smoke. Despite pot being illegal in Brazil, Rocque expresses that “more important than freedom to smoke Marijuana is the freedom to think about it and make art with it.” He says the issue of it being illegal divides people and “forces them to think and debate.” There is no doubt his art is imaginative and impressive, but he utilizes it to protest and spread the word that Marijuana should be legalized. Rocque sees no need for pot to be unlawful and controversial because to him it is an innovative outlet.

You can find out more about Fernando De La Rocque and his projects, where he posts pictures and videos of all his intricate creations, at his website:


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