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Elaina, so glad we could feature here in Muze Magazine! I know you are from Miami now. Where did you grow up and what do you think of the lifestyle down in Miami?
My growing up years we’re scattered between Ohio, New York, and New Orleans… until we finally settled in South Florida. I am very thankful to have been able to learn all the different cultures and lifestyles of so many different places. I would definitely have to say that Florida is by far my FAVORITE home away from home. I am blessed to live where most would vacation. No matter how stressed I am, I can always find peace in the wind between the palms, and the crashing of the waves.

Are you a beach kind of girl? What’s your favorite kinds of things to do on the beach?
I am for sure a “beach kind of girl”. Unfortunately since I’m from the north, the beach and I will never be able to meet without the compromise of a sunburn. Usually when I go to the beach it’s to have some “me” time. I love to walk along the water and look for seashells. I know it may seem kind of childish… but I LOVE finding hidden treasures in the sand. I make jewelry out of a lot of the shells I find.

So tell us about this Swagnaytion project you were telling me about. What’s the idea behind your work there?
SwagNaytion has been in the works for quite some time now. I have always been artististic and creative. The iintial idea started in high school. A friend and I would make outfits for pep rally’s and decorate and paint on pants and shirts to show school spirit. Everyone always commented on our outfits saying how cool they were. People started asking me to make outfits for them, and I quickly turned it into a little side job. Before you know it, I had a waiting list for months for orders of shirts people wanted. I began to realize that everyone had very distinct, individual ideas of style, as it should be. Then it hit me…what if we ALL wore what we created? Why should someone else be wearing OUR idea of style? They shouldn’t. So, I began developing system of “fingerprinted swag” so to say. Since my high school years, I have been developing the idea into something far beyond clothing. I plan on creating an empire of individuaity. A “Naytion” of pure Swag. When someone wants to stand out, in anything they do or wear, they will think of SwagNaytion. Those are the only beans I can spill for now, unfortunately. Stay tuned for our rise ;)

Maybe we can do a photoshoot for Muze soon for your Swagnaytion promotion. That’d be awesome. Do you have some friends down there that would help you out?
That sounds like an amazing idea! I actually have an entire team ready and willing to the SwagNaytion takeover. I have been working on tweaking the concept, so once thigs are finalized, a photoshoot will be the icing on the cake.

Your portfolio is great! You look so comfortable behind the camera! How did you get started in modeling and what’s your favorite part of the whole process?
I have always been told since I was very young that I should model. Mostly because I looked super weird as a child. I had huge eyes that didn’t fit my face, and I was alwas long and lanky. I never really took the needed steps as a child to get the ball rolling with modeling. My family was never really well off in the finance department and everytime someone mentioned modeling to my mom, she would say I needed to pay to have a portfolio done. Once I grew up, I realized I could start a portfolio for free…and I got started. I have been modeling for a little over a year now, and I am completely in love with the beauty a facial/body expression can create through a lens.

My favorite part about modeling is, I get the opportunity to be the girl I always dreamed of being. Growing up I was never the “pretty” girl. I had crooked teeth, bushy eyebrows, and a goofy laugh. In reality I am very shy and soft spoken…but once that camera comes out, Elaina Christina is born. I can pretend to be as confident as I want, and the lens will never know the difference ;)

Any plans for the rest of the summer you wish to tell us about?
The rest of the summer is filled with so many opportunities! Not only in modeling, but my art as well. I have tons of fashion shows and shoots on my calander, as well as paintings, murals, and SwagNaytion design finalizations. So much to do, and so little time!

Do you have any friends as gorgeous as you that you can steer our way? Let them know that Muze Magazine is here and excited to feature and help promote gorgeous, adventurous, goal driven women such as yourself!
I have tons of driven friends that would make an GREAT addition to MUZE. I will be sure to send them your way ASAP!! ;) [box type="info"]
Elaina Christina at a Glance
Elaina Christina is a model living in Miami and is busy being awesome.
Facebook: Elaina on Facebook
Twitter: @ElainaChristina
Currently promoting: Her amazing modeling career, and her Swagnaytion project. Watch for more information about Swagnaytion!

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