By Jonathan Maple – Muze Staff Writer

The problem is this. When using Facebook, you are generally surrounded by people you already know. Many of these “friends” are people you went to high school or college with, or lived next to 17 years ago.  Google + has a similar tendency but without the people.  So how do you find people you don’t know that live in your area? The answer is Badoo.

The site is billed as a social discover platform, and is in fact very similar to a dating site. Badoo skips all the cheesiness of established dating sites, and doesn’t seem to harbor the seedy nature of others. The best part is Badoo has a cross platform app that works with GPS to find people near you. Almost 160 million people are registered in 180 countries. Badoo is the fourth largest social networking site in the world.  Though mainly used in Europe and South America, Badoo is making inroads into the US and is growing in popularity.

The sign up process is clean and quick. A user can use their social media site of choice to login and import photos and data, or create an account manually through the system prompts. The site will ask for information to create a profile (i.e. interest, income, education, languages). Badoo is simple and the account creation can be done on a phone or computer.  Once complete, the user can utilize Badoo to browse the profiles of local people. Users can save people to their favorites or start a chat with them.  Badoo has some premium services, but the average user can get great value without paying a cent.

The app provided by Badoo is a superior piece of software in most functions. The user interface is intuitive and smooth. From the landing page, all users are listed by location, and can easily be explored. A menu dropdown will allow the user to explore functions like favorites, visitors – people who have viewed the users profile – and messages. All in all a wonderfully functional app, and an interesting way to meet people.

Looking to make a friend, go on a date or just chat with people in your area? Give Badoo a try.


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