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Shannon you’ve been on a tear recently shooting, getting published, traveling. Do you ever get a moment to breathe?
No, breathing is overrated.

What are some of the cool travel locations you’ve been able to shoot at?
I think my favorite place to shoot so far was on the beaches of Waikiki, Hawaii for a swimwear company called Loco Boutique, a popular bikini shop in the city. The view was breathtaking! I really enjoyed shooting at Wet Republic in Vegas for Maxim Magazine as well!

You have been doing the ring girl thing for a while. How would you compare that to other modeling gigs?
I love being surrounded my people; I love getting the crowd pumped and excited for the next round or the next fight in the mixed martial arts ring. I’ve always been an MMA fan so getting to be a ring card girl gets me the best seat in the house! It doesn’t seem like work at all and I get to smile a lot more! Photo shoots require more acting, being in the ring just requires smiles, sexiness, and an upbeat personality!

I understand you have military experience. Can you fill in our readers on your background and where you were deployed?
I was in the Marine Corps for 4 years of active duty and got out as a Sergeant (E-5). I’m currently in the inactive reserve. My job was an administrative specialist which basically just means that I took care of Marines pay, money, and legal issues. I was never sent overseas but while I was in, I was stationed at Marine Corps Air Station in Beaufort, South Carolina and then was transferred to Rock Island, Illinois where I worked with a reserve maintenance unit. I absolutely loved being an active duty Marine and being one of the few and the proud, had my modeling career not taken off as it did, I’d still be actively serving.

OK, let’s assume we are taking you on a first date. How do we impress you!
Well if I’m going on a first date I probably already know you; I don’t do blind dates-that would make me nervous! Overall, I consider myself a very low maintenance, simple, small-town girl. I don’t need someone to spend a lot of money on me for me to be impressed, I’m attracted to goal- driven, loyal, comical people! I believe first dates should be light and fun so maybe take me to a Cubs baseball game, since I’m living in Chicago, or a comedy show!

Do you feel like you’ve developed a sizable fan base on the Internet?
I hate the word ‘fan’! I like to say that I have a great support system. But do I feel supported Absolutely! I don’t do what I do for fans though; I do what I do because I love it! Supporters always help your popularity and help expand your opportunities, but I cherish people that are genuinely there for me, through the good times and bad.

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Shannon on Twitter: @shannonihrke

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