HI Nino, great that we could feature your work here in Muze Magazine. Tell is a bit about where you live and how long you have been shooting and how you got started?
Ah, well, I’m in Houston – have been since 1979 – but I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. My father was / is a professional photographer, so that’s kind of the long and short of it on where I “got started”. So I grew up around it, mainly just assisting my dad, but I decided I was gonna shoot “officially” just a few years ago. Bought a basic SLR, picked my dad’s brain a bit, and within a year I was full force and fully addicted – not to mention I’d made significant investments in my equipment by then, so, I reasoned I’d better stick to it.

How did you got started shooting the gorgeous glamour stuff you are doing now?
My wife. She models for me, and has for 13 years now. Way back when, we’d shoot rudimentary stuff for fun in our apartment, just for kicks. By the time I was deciding I was gonna just “be a photographer” (I’m also a graphics designer, have been for 20 years), I realized I didn’t have a specific focus on what I was gonna shoot. Commercial stuff I’d done, but not much at that point. I realized quickly my main shooting experience, on my own anyway, was modeling work. My wife agreed and we opted to bust into the fashion / glamour genre, full force, and see where it took us. The rest, as they say, is history.

How do you find your models to work on your projects?
There are many models we work with regularly for personal projects, some whom I’ve shot a dozen times in just a couple of years. But, like everyone else in the world, Facebook has proven to be a bastion of networking opportunities. Now that I’m quite a bit more settled in, at least, the Houston “scene”, or industry, finding models and MUA’s and stylists is simple. Mostly just a matter of who is available and for what!

Any publications, sites, events you’d like to share with out readers? Make sure to give us links
I actually shoot quite a bit of exotic car work, and as such I am partnered with, or contribute to, several online motoring publications. I am the editor / partner of Spekture [https://www.facebook.com/spekture] which is, well, the main premise is “[Women. Motor. Style.] Purveyors of refined and beautiful imagery.” You should take a look to see, but the site officially launches in September. I write a motoring column for Lion’s Den U, based in Canada, [http://www.lionsdenu.com/] and my modeling photo work is peppered around that site if you take a look, and am an official contributor for DRIVEN.com, both for motoring and model photography. I’ve 4 other motoring related sites / projects I am partnered with, but those are still in finalization phase so no point in bogging down this response with all that right now.

So do you prefer shooting indoors, in a studio or have you tried much outdoor work yet?
Best indoors, best at studio, but love outdoors. I need to do more outdoor work, to be sure. Clients seldom as ME for that, but I have some personal things planned that are gonna be outdoors this autumn.

How do you find your fans and followers? Have you developed a following online?
I am not sure how to answer that. The best thing I can do is drop statistics on you, and you can decide for yourself! haha. Ok, so in 2 years of deviantART membership, I’ve garnered 49,802 page views, 608,643 image views, 29,201 “faves”, and 1,518 other members “watch” me on that site. For whatever that means to ya! haha. Facebook I’m more active on, but only for a little less than a year. I’m at 1,300 something “Likes” on Facebook, and trying to keep my networking and connections growing, expanding. It’s all about getting “quality” eyeballs on your work, and not just anyone and everyone you can beg to look at you. At least, that’s my take.

Awesome work Nino! Glad we could share some of your beautiful photography with our readers! Please make sure to share all the web and social media links you would like so that our readers can find you online!
Thanks a heaps! Great publication you got going here!