Natalia, thanks for working with us on a feature in Muze Magazine! Tell is a little about how you got started modeling, where you grew up and where you are living now.
Technically I have been modeling since I was born LOL , back in Barranquilla ,Colombia I would always pretend I was a supermodel and show off my new dresses to family and friends specially my dad I guess you can call me “daddys little girl” I came to the US at the age of 11 and currently reside in Weston, FL. My first ” real modeling ” opportunity started just a few years ago when I met the worlds best swimwear designer Jessie Becker of Ravish Sands.

I see you shot with Ravish Swimwear. What was that like? Did you shoot that in Florida?
Working with Ravish is like a dream come true. I get to work with an incredible designer and her incredible team (Lily Taylor and jessie )and I also get tons of one of the kind swimwear. i am also the spokesmodel for Ravish Sands and handle all corporate relations in Latin America. Best part of living in south florida is we shoot all our looks locally with the super talented photographer Michael Falco.

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How do like being a promotional model? Looks like you have also worked for Redline. That’s an energy or supplement drink isn’t it?
Being a promotional model has helped me in so many ways. I get to meet new people everyday and I get to do what I love. I was recently a model for RedLine also and yes, I drink the product . I love the Vpx protein rush .That stuff really works! I also watch what I eat and workout at least three to four times a week Typical model stuff. It has also opened many doors and led me to great opportunities like this MUZE Magazine interview.

What do you think of the South Florida lifestyle? Where do you like to hang out and have fun? Where would we find you on a Friday or Saturday night?
South Florida lifestyle is the best. Wheres do I begin? Weather, beaches, food etc…and the nightlife, do a need to say more? I love hanging out with my friends on Friday and Saturday nights at places like the Hard Rock Casino or Downtown Ft.Lauderdale. Anyone who knows me knows I am not one to sit home bored I love to dance I am all about going out and making new opportunities ;-)

Natalia Bueno from The Push Life on Vimeo.

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Instagram: @natisbueno24
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