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Katie DeLuca – This Model and Actress Knows How to Fight!

Katie is a Maxim Hometown Hotties final 100 semi-finalist! She needs your support! Vote for her here:

Katie, so where are you located currently and where did you grow up?
I am currently located in Sunny Miami, but I travel a lot for work. I’m one of the fortunate few to actually have been born and raised here.

How has Florida been treating you as far as getting your career going?
Well, Miami isn’t bad at all, there are plenty of opportunities here and you have the beach minutes away, which make for photoshoots that are nice and warm. The casting companies have also been picking up because a lot more shows and movies are being filmed down here, and of course you have the swim shows so there’s an abundance of work.

We hear the nightlife is pretty crazy down in South Florida! How do you like to spend your free time in the summer?
Haha, yeah it can get pretty crazy sometimes! I work my rear off, so because I work hard, I like to take it easy in my free time. Any given night, you can go out and there’s a DJ in town or a concert or festival or something cool. And, I’m pretty sure Miami is an exception, because its summer here just about 365 days a year, haha! I’m pretty laid back, so I like going to the beach, surfing, bbq, margaritas .. any reason to get together and have a good time. The clubs here have the best DJs that come from all around the world so if I want to go out and dance, any nights a good night.

OK this is pretty amazing. You teach MMA techniques? Brazilian Ju Jitsu? You gotta tell us more!
Yes, I can put someone in a kimora and not think twice about it! hahaha, Not that I would, but Ju Jitsu is a great workout and requires a lot of dexterity and strength. I know its not your conventional yoga or spinning class, but for aerobic and anaerobic training, there’s nothing like it. I always loved watching the UFC fights and all the action that goes with it, but its really different when you’re the one on the mat; it’s not as easy as it looks and I have a lot more respect for the fighters and the technique that goes into what they do.

One of Katie’s MMA Candy Instructional Videos

Do you fight or just train and teach? Aren’t you afraid you are going to hurt that beautiful face of yours?
Nooo! I just train and teach! Yes, I am terrified to actually step into the ring with those girls! hahaha! I mean Gina Carano gets a lot of attention for her beauty, but she takes a punch! My friend, Jessica Aguilar is also a really great fighter and that girl is #8-ranked pound-for-pound fighter in the world .. you would never catch me trying to roll with these girls, they are tough!

Any events or projects coming up or just wrapped that you’d like to tell us about? What’s this I hear about Mercedes Benz Swim Week?
I’m currently a Semi-Finalist in Maxim’s Hometown Hotties Competition, which I think to have gotten this far is pretty amazing. I’m a workaholic, so there is always a shoot I’m running to, or a casting or an event I’m working, and to be booked all the time is a blessing! This week actually, is Mercedes Benz Swim Week and I will be walking for a couple designers and then heading out to some of their after parties. The rest of this year, I’ll spend traveling mostly between Miami, New York and California shooting and working.

With all this going on how do you find time to work on your Masters of Economics? Impressive!
Where there is will, there is a way and anything you want badly enough, you will work hard to achieve. My parents always insisted that a strong foundation in anything I wanted to pursue, was built on education, and that is the one thing no one can take away from you. Most universities and colleges offer online courses now, so while I’m in the air or on the road I can connect and work on my school work. If I’m going to be in town for any certain amount of time, I try to take on campus classes, because the online ones definitely require a degree of more self discipline, but I’m almost done with my degree :) Don’t let the blonde hair fool you! haha

Ever find time for a social life? Dating or taken?
Social life? Whats that? I’m lucky that I love what I do and it doesn’t always feel like a job. Traveling really gives me a huge chance to meet people and develop friendships and working relationships that I might not otherwise have the chance to. Surround yourself with positive and successful people and you too will be positive and successful. And yes, I’m definitely taken by a really amazing man. I won’t gush too much, but I’m a lucky girl :)

OK, well, let’s say in an alternate universe we ended up asking you out on a first date. What would impress Katie?
Oh boy! Its been a long time since I’ve been on a first date! Well, I’d say a first impression says a lot, so hopefully you’d smell good and dressed sharp. Be comfortable in your own skin – be YOURSELF! You wouldn’t want someone you’re interested in to be interested in a fake version of You. Humor. Wit. Be able to carry a conversation! In the end, what makes for a lasting connection is two people who are supportive of each other. If we went on a first date and you’re negative about my passions or what I do for a living, then its not going to work out.

Thanks so much Katie and good luck. We will make sure we pass along all the information we can about what you are up to so your fans can continue supporting you!

Katie DeLuca at a Glance
Katie is an internationally published model and actress living in South FLorida. She’s busy shooting and developing her career.
Twitter: @KatieDeLuca
Web site:
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