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Jaquline Fischer – Model, Singer, Boxer, Student – Is There Somewhere in There to Fit Gorgeous?

Jaquline is a Maxim Hometown Hotties final 100 semi-finalist and she needs your support! PLEASE VOTE FOR HER HERE:

Jaquline, how is life down in South Florida for a beautiful and busy Model, Singer and Economics major?
It’s great! Never a dull moment! A typical week for me consists of class everyday, then gym, then either work or band practice until 1 AM. When I’m not doing one of those things I squeeze a photoshoot in there. I’m constantly “improving” my look and have to keep an updated portfolio. You have your days when it all seems too much but the reward at the end makes it all worth it! Fate plays a part in life but I believe that what work you put in you get back threefold! Nobody ever got anywhere sitting on their ass.

How long have you been modeling and what kinds of gigs are your favorite?
I have been modeling about 7 years now… WOW I just realized that! I started out doing car modeling in my hometown of Jacksonville, FL because I was very into the import scene and racing. When I moved down south I transitioned from PinUp to High Fashion and now have found a place in the “Glamour” scene. I’d like to be more in high fashion because that’s where my passion lies but I had to face the fact that I’m 5’5 and have DD boobs! HA! So now I do mostly bikini, lingerie, and catalog work. I work very hard to keep my body in shape and I feel very comfortable with showing it off.

So, you were telling me about being in this band What’s it called and what kind of music do you play! Dish!!!
I have been singing and performing since I could walk and talk! I was always doing talent shows, in choir, theater… anything where I was in the spotlight. I did American Idol a few years ago, made it through a few rounds until I was eventually cut. I wasn’t what they were looking for at the time but I didn’t let that phase me. A few months ago I started jamming with these two very talented guys – nothing major, just getting together every week to do some tunes. We all have different genres that we like so we try to incorporate some top 40, rock, blues and some originals into our sets. We knew we had something special so we did a few shows, got excellent feedback and now we have started to take it to the next level! But we are having the HARDEST time trying to come up with a band name! I joke with them that we should just do what the Chinese do when coming up with a name for their child: drop some spoons on the ground and whatever sound they make that’s the name!! HA! (sorry if I offended any chinese in the making of this joke)

Any lead singer stories to tell? I’m sure you do!
There’s two of us that go back in forth singing on a lot of the songs. The best is when one of us starts singing a different lyric than the other, or goes all out hard-core on one of the verses. I really admire bands who have more than one singer, it’s so much harder to be all in harmony and on the same level – especially when you want to jam the f*ck out!!

So where do you see your career headed? What are your goals for modeling and singing?
This is an exciting yet scary time of my life. I have so much going on and so many directions I could go in that it’s hard to choose which way to go. Ideally I’d like to use all of my talents to be a supernova successful superstar: Modeling, singing, owning my own business and taking the world by storm! My bucket list is very long and very extravagant but it’s going to be fun as hell. Whatever I end up doing, I’m going to be the best at and you’ll remember me for it.

Oh yeah, you are a Maxim Hometown Hotties finalist. That’s pretty cool! Any links for us to share?
Semi-Finalist to be exact! And it is very cool, I’m very lucky because there are a lot of beautiful ladies out there! I just got an email from them yesterday and I will be receiving more information on my submission video, any additional voting, etc on Monday July 30th. I constantly post on Facebook and Twitter so keep an eye out for exciting things coming up!

Also you were recently in Maxim en Espanol! So cool! How did that all materialize? Did you get to travel for that shoot?
I was asked to be a model for a photography workshop at the South Florida Camera Club. Coincidently, the guest photographer was Oscar Rabeiro – he shoots regularly for Maxim en Espanol. We hit it off immediately and after the workshop he asked if I’d be interested in doing a test shoot for Maxim. Well DUHHH!! We did the test shoot a week later, he sent the images to Maxim, they loved me so another week later we shot the entire spread right here in Dania Beach. I’m so grateful… They gave me a 10 page spread, apparently that’s unheard of. They had to knock out another girl just to give me the extra pages (sorry whoever that was!) That kind of success is what keeps me motivated to do what I do.

Reading your Bio, it says you box? Holy crap, you gotta tell us a bit about boxing? Aren’t you afraid you are going to get that beautiful face hit?
Actually both of the guitarist in my band are great boxers and one of them does private training. He talked me into coming to the gym one day and from then on I was HOOKED. I’m naturally very athletic and throw a MEAN right hook. He always tells me, “You don’t fight like a girl!!!” Except for my pink wraps and pink gloves! HA! Pretty soon I’ll be ready and confident enough to spar – hopefully the face will survive!

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