Irma you have a wonderful portfolio of photography. We understand you live in France. Where do you live and how did you get started modeling?
Thank you for the compliment, I thank the photographers with whom I worked also. I live in France, I started doing photo shoots at age the age of 17. I really wanted a photographer to take pictures of me and I loved the whole process. And now here I am.

Have you been able to travel in your modeling career? Where have you gone?
Yes it is the one of the great things about modeling that I have experienced. I have traveled to most of the countries in Europe next to France and also Ibiza, Barcelona, Spain, Cuba, Mexico, North Africa.

So, you are in the US currently shooting is that correct? Miami? What project brought you to the US?
Yes I am in miami! I fell in love with this place! I came here for a vacation and while I am here I will take the opportunity to shoot with a few photographers and meet new people. I always wished to expand my work to include America including lingerie and swimwear. This is an opportunity.

What do you think of Miami and South Florida? Have you been able to relax and see the sights? The beaches?
I love miami I feel in my element here! I’d like to live here for sure!. I like beaches, pool parties, go go dancing, shopping and good cocktails and especially the friendliness of people here. People seem warmer than those in France.

Would you like to share any web site links with our readers? Web site? Any projects or anything you would like to promote?
Yes I have a web site at: Thank you for your interview, it’s a great magazine.

A pic Irma tweeted us from a pool in Miami — We Love ya Irma!!

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Irma Seh at a Glance
Irma Seh is a model from France. She’s busy shooting, developing her career and is currently visiting and shooting in Miami, FL.
Twitter: @IRMA___
Web site:
Instagram:: irma_seh

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