Francois, I understand you are a French fine art photographer specializing in Nude portraiture and landscape. We are admirers of your work. Glad we could share it with out readers.

Where are you living now and how long have you been a photographer.
I live in Meudon, a small community very close to Paris. I started shooting on a regular basis in 2003. I’ve published two books so far and participated to a third one, in addition to regular publications in a variety of printed and web magazines

How long have you been doing your studies in Nude photography? What do you try to capture when you shoot?
I’ve been shooting nude since 2004 ! I guess I’m trying to capture emotions mixed with cool aesthetics and some substance ( as opposed to pure form )

Much if not all of the photos in the series we are featuring appear to be in a tropical setting. Where were these taken. Tell us a little about this project?
Those were taken a month ago in Guadeloupe, an Island of the French West Indies. It’s a place I regularly come back to, this must have been my 6th shooting sessions there. There never was a “project” here. My sole project,as always, is to watch what the model has to offer I am a sort of ” glamour reporter”

How did the model enjoy working on this project?
She Obviously did, Guadeloupe is a very nice place. Mag and I are good friends and this was our 20th shooting session together

Do you have any web site links, online projects or anything else you would like to share with our readers?
My web site is: I also have a project of Nude master classes in Guadeloupe in May 2013. Special site (in french only, I’m afraid ) is here :

Thank you Francois and good luck in all your endeavors. We will continue to follow your work.
Thank you to you for this opportunity to share my work with your readers.

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