Alexandra, so very happy we can feature you in Muze Magazine. Where did you grow up and where are you living and working now?
Alexandra Yun is my name and my model name is Saju or better known as Saju90. If you google me saju90 you got more results. I was Born and grow up in Belarus, and am currently a 5th year medical student here in Belarus.

Do you get to travel quite a bit for your modeling career? Where are some of the places you have been lucky enough to travel to?
Yes for last year (when i started modeling) I visit many places including Holland, Belgium, France (St.Tropez), Spain (Mallorca), Switzerland, Germany, Turkey and some others.

I see form your Bio online you have Russian and Korean heritage. It gives you an incredible international look I think. Do you think it has been a benefit for you in your modeling career?
My look yes as many photographers, companies mention it when they book me that my mix korean-russian makes my look somehow unique. I like it! Some people say I look like young Jane Seymour and some also say I look like the actress from current serial called Vampire diaries. :)

Have you been able to do a shoot in a tropical location yet?
Not yet but I will I am very much sure of it!

Any projects, web sites, events or anything you would like to promote and let our readers know about? I am sure we will have some curious new fans here!
Well first and foremost it is my own portfolio and still growing and I will add sections soon that will be very much interesting to many of my fans old and new http://www.saju90.com. Also I have few books with my photos made by a photographer named Dan from www.artofdan.com if you go there you will find all information on the site.

On my portfolio you can find as well links to videos from my photo-shoots and much more will come soon.

Alexandra thank you so very much! Good luck to you
So happy I can share my work on your wonderful magazine!

Alexandra’s Image Gallery

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